36 pastels 9283 Polychromos Faber Castell


Τιμή Ζαφειρίου: 48,60€



The Polychromos artists\' pastel crayons contain a high level of pigment, and are free from oils and wax.

The crayons can be smudged to create fine transitions of color.

Harder than the soft pastel crayons, Polychromos crayons are also well suited to drawing.

Polychromos artists\' pastels are characterised by their stable consistency, economy of use and excellent adherence to paper, cardboard, wood and stone.

Only minimal fixing is required, ensuring that the pastel drawings retain their vividness of color.

Polychromos pastel crayons of the highest quality

High quality pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness

Intense color, ideal for detailed and wide area work

36 pastels in cardboard box

Available as individual pencils or in various assorted sets


White, Light yellow glaze, Cadmium yellow, Dark chrome yellow, Dark cadmium orange, Deep scarlet red, Dark red, Alizarzin crimson, Fuchsia, Middle purple pink, Manganese violet, Blue violet, Dark indigo, Indanthrene blue, Ultramarine, Phthalo blue, Bluish turquoise, Cobalt turquoise, Cobalt green, Hooker\'s green, Dark phthalo green, Permanent green, Permanent green olive, Earth green yellowish, Indian red, Caput mortuum Violet, Medium flesh, Light flesh, Raw umber, Burnt siena, Walnut brown, Warm grey III, Cold grey IV, Black, Silver, Gold

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