caran dache wooden scented pencils 4pcs + Mizensir N9


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Caran d’Ache and Mizensir have combined their unique know-how to create a new scented edition of Caran d’Ache pencils. The two family businesses have selected the fragrance “Alps Spirit” for the core of four graphite pencils manufactured entirely in Geneva using fine woods.

The House of Caran d\'Ache continues its quest for noble materials and imagines new collections of pencils made from precious wood species carefully selected for writing. For this N°9 edition, ayous and poplar essences are used to sublimate the traditional Caran d\'Ache graphite pencils. These woods are known for their strength and lightness as well as for their easy sharpening.

Developed by the famous master perfumer and founder of Mizensir, Alberto Morillas, the “Alps Spirit” scent reflects the splendour, authenticity and purity of the mountains. The patchouli essences combined with muskand nutmeg call to mind the minerality of the open forests and their organic soils which provide resources for regal hundred-year-old trees such as larch and stone pine. The hints of orange heighten the sensation of a fresh, gentle yet awe-inspiring sunrise over the Alpine peaks. The softness and tranquillity of the “Alps Spirit” scent will captivate aficionados and collectors of rare pencils and offer them a multi-sensory drawing and writing experience.

4 graphite pencils - HB

High quality reconstituted wood

Ayous or Poplar Essence

Wood selected according to strict quality criteria

Leads made from 100% natural products

Aromatic scent "Spirit of the Alps": Patchouli, Orange, Nutmeg

Scented solvent varnish

Weight 200g

Height 21cm

Width 3cm

Thickness 4cm

made in Switzerland
Τύπος Mechanical pencils

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