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Art set by Caran d’Ache for drawing and sketching.Assortments of top-end artistic products meeting the requirements of academic drawing. Art By Caran d’Ache products are ideal for art students as well as artists and design professionals. Each assortment is suitable for live model studies, shading and sketching.

A Sketching Assortment comprising complementary artistic products providing the ideal tools for sketches, drawings and detailed illustrations.

Grafwood pencils with 3 soft (9B, 6B, 4B), 1 medium (2B) and 2 hard (H, 4H) leads

1 Technalo 3B, water-soluble graphite pencil

1 Grafstone 6B, pure graphite pencil lead

1 “Charcoal Black soft” graphite pencil

1 x 9B and 1 x 3B Grafcubes, crude graphite concentrate

Accessories: extra-soft rubber, pencil sharpener, sandpaper

Swiss Made, FSC
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