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HMM Scissors are a 2-in-1 essential tool reimagined with style.

The unique design features an integrated boxcutter accessory.

The scissors provide a crisp, precise cut. A wonderful combination of Japanese steel and Taiwanese craftsmanship, these HMM Scissors make the perfect desk accessory.

HMM (Human Mechanic Method) is a Taiwanese brand focused on reimagining the design of everyday objects and giving them a modern unique edge.

Base - a sleek, minimalist home to the HMM Scissors?.

The custom-made magnet keeps the square-tip Scissors on a firm footing while displaying the product well to show off your sense of style.

When tools are worth flaunting, don\'t hide them away.

scissors material: Japanese stainless steel with teflon coating

scissrs dimentions: 16,5X8X0,5cm.

scissors weight: 40gr

base material: milled aluminium, magnet

base weight: 40gr