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Bound to make a creative splash!

Make a creative splash on the taut pages of this black Watercolour Block, capturing your impressions of the world around you using your favorite watercolour paints. Each page is securely attached right around the edge so there’s no need to stretch and tape down the paper before you start painting. Thanks to its rigid cardboard back, it is the ideal portable creative companion for painting on the move.

Thick 300 g/m² paper with 35% cold-pressed cotton fiber content means that each page can handle a high water content. Once your artwork is dry, simply detach the page by carefully running a flat tool under the loose corner and around the edge.

Whatever you feel inspired to paint – from buzzing city streets to quiet countryside scenes or abstract thoughts and feelings – this functional tool is perfect for watercolour artists of all abilities.

- cardboard cover

- ivory-colored, 300 g/m², acid-free paper (plain) with 35% cold-pressed cotton content

- \'In case of loss\' notice printed on the flyleaf

- reusable paperband B-SIDE featuring additional printed tools

- the history of Moleskine is printed on the first sheet