Paper Republic zip pocket (pocket)


Τιμή Ζαφειρίου: 9,60€



Our zip pocket might just be the ultimate accessory for travelling with your grand voyageur (pocket size).

It features not only a large and stable zip pocket, but also 4 slots for your business cards, credit cards, loyalty card and/or annual train cards.

And it goes without saying: we love to use the zip pocket to store everything from bank notes, coins, metro tickets, tokens or receipts.

Just slip the zip pocket under your favourite grand voyageur refill, and your grand voyageur will be transformed to hold all your daily essentials.

size: 9,5 x 13 cm (closed) & 19 x 13 cm (open)

4 slots for cards and 1 large zipper pocket

refill fits into your grand voyageur (pocket)
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