Notebook Arabic Artistry Zahra Midi Lined 13x18 Paperblanks


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Partly gilded leather book binding

Here at Paperblanks our experience with vintage book bindings has taught us this: the history of bookbinding is one of adaptation.

Many a design in the Paperblanks collection is an example of a decorative technique that was successfully evolved by bookbinding masters to spur a new trend in book cover embellishment.
Our Arabic Artistry Zahra design replicates a book cover that captures the aesthetic of the Arab world in the 17th century, reflecting the splendid quality of work found in this ancient time.

With the original binding that inspired this design once containing a precious copy of the Koran, the significance of the ancient world of Islam is embodied in this unique golden and floral design.

Arabic court life was the prevailing aesthetic of the period and is so supremely conveyed in this opulent design.

This Zahra binding, so called for its Arabic denotation of flower, blossom and beauty, is characteristic of an era when books were precious items and not as easy to come by.

They were presented as treasured gifts to heads of state and were much sought after as status symbols.

We wish whatever you choose to fill this journal with to be just as exceptional as the design itself.

Product Information


SIZE Width:13x18cm


PAGE COUNT:144 Pages

CLOSURE:Elastic Band





Smyth sewn

Satin ribbon marker (grandes have two)

Memento pouch

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